The Perfect Winged Liner!

The perfect winged liner takes a lot of practice.  I made this step by step pictorial to show my way of doing the winged liner.  My favorited liquid liner is from NYC and only $2.99! Can be found at any drug store.

1. Start from your lower lash line and make a line towards your eyebrow.

2.Finish the rest of your line and let your lashes be your guide.

3. From the end of the line connect it to your lash line.

4. Fill in any blank spaces until you get it perfect.

liner pic









How to get the Job! 

This is for all my fellow aspiring and makeup artist who want that dream job.  I’m going to share my journey.  This week i went job searching.  I was so nervous as to when to go, what to wear, and what makeup look i should go for. In the end I knew i had nothing to lose so I just went for it when i knew i was ready.  I went all over the city handing out my resume to the makeup brands of my choice.  I was approached about how fabulous my makeup looked before I got the chance to ask if they were hiring.  It is so important for you to sell yourself with your face while looking trendy and professional.  It was important for me to stay true to my art and style of makeup.  I would say my style is simple but fierce at the same time.  I decided to go with gold on the lid because it looks so glamorous yet timeless, as well as it brings out my eyes beautifully.  Smokey on the outer corners for definition and depth.  I decided to wear a white blouse to stand out and make my outfit very trendy.  This one I wore here is a ruffled Ralph Lauren button down. I paired it with a draped blazer and trendy zara black skinny jeans.  My black leather booties are Nine West Boutique 9.  It’s important to be bold with your makeup look but also dont want to look clownish.  Be yourself and im sure you guys will be fine 🙂  I’m just waiting for the next step which, would be an interview.  I will keep you guys posted.  Here are some pics of my look hope you girls enjoy and always remember, Beauty is Within ❤ 2 picspics2

The pic to the left is the day i went job searching.  You can’t see my whole outfit so I added the pic to the left to give you an idea of how it looked all together. This also shows you how I mix and match my pieces for different occasions.  I’m also a mom on a budget lol.  I work with what I have and it works for me! I zipped up the jacket for the day of job searching and wore my black leather jacket from Zara to top it off and it made my look very chic. The gray fury purse I have on I found in H&M on sale for $15.  Every girl loves a sale 🙂

Fall Lipstick Trends!

dark lip

Who doesn’t love affordable good quality lipsticks? I know I love a dupe! (a dupe is an item that is similar to a high end product) Here are some beautiful trendy lipsticks for the fall that won’t break your pocket.  I know how expensive Mac Lipsticks can be ($15) to be exact and i know some of us just don’t have that type of money to spend on a regular basis.  So i discovered these gorgeous Wet n Wild lipsticks which Fergie is the ambassador of and they are amazing! I picked up 2 shades, but they are all beautiful i surely will be buying more! They are only $2.50. The shade “Sugar Plum Fairy” is very similar to Mac’s “Rebel.” “Vamp It Up” is the darker plum shade for my edgy ladies.
get-attachment.aspx                                   Beauty Is Within (IG): @BeautyByDharii



Each week the gorgeous and super talented self-taught makeup artist will post different beauty tips consisting of cosmetics, skin-care, hair, eye-brows, lips and more.

Be sure to be on the lookout each Thursday for a new post!


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