Hi, my name is Christine Vargas. I began this website in hopes of writing about things that are important to us in our everyday life. Things that make us happy such as a good meal, clear skin or a funny post we saw on the train. I also want to capture different people’s story because each and every one of us has a story to tell.

I was born and raised in Washington Heights in New York City.

I have a Bachelor in Broadcast Journalism, with a Multi-disciplinary concentration in Diversity and Society. I have an Advanced Graduate Health Communications Certificate from Stony Brook Medical Center and I will be beginning my Masters in Health Education and Promotion this spring 2014. WHOO!

In J, school I learned that stories are not about you or your opinion, which I definitely agree with, but as we see more and more with social media being such a huge component of our life, people prefer to follow the journalist who shows a little bit of character and identity. People love the human connection. Hence, why social media is so popular.

I love to travel and meet new people. I have been to 27 states and seven countries. I am fluent in Spanish and have partial knowledge in Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin. I had the opportunity to travel the Silk Road in China. For more information about my experience in China check out my blog www.christinelvargas.blogspot.com

I currently work as a Quality Assurance Specialist in the big city that we all love to refer to as THE BIG APPLE. -CV


I am a NYC self-taught makeup artist. I have always loved makeup since middle school. Growing up as a tough Bronx girl, I never really felt comfortable to show that side until recently, when I had my daughter two years ago. I knew I had to become someone important and successful for her. I started to look into what I really loved and my passion for makeup just shined through. As a little girl, I would sneak into my mothers makeup and play around with my face. I loved it!

Makeup is my art. It’s the form in which I express myself. If I’m ever feeling down I can express that with my makeup with the colors that I choose. My greatest reward with makeup is when I do one of my clients and they say they have “never felt so beautiful” it truly makes everything worth it.

Makeup is used to enhance the natural beauty we already have. My clients are beautiful, but when I apply their makeup I make their beauty come out from the inside into the outside.

My work is different because it truly comes from my heart. I truly care about how people feel about themselves and I love to feel like I’ve amped their confidence a little more.

I live by the motto “Beauty is Within”. I truly believe this. I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way no matter what color or shape you are.

I am looking forward to exploring other aspects of beauty besides makeup and sharing new tips with you all. -Dhariana Suriel

You can follow me on Instagram @beautybydharii

Cristobal Weekly Cuisines
Cristobal Garcia

Born and raised in Long Island, New York from Dominican immigrants, our home was always filled with love and family. I remember always being drawn to the fragrances and activities of my mother’s kitchen. She found refuge and comfort there, as did I. Looking back, those moments spent with my mother is when my passion for food originated. I would spend hours watching her at work. Whether she was making a lavish dinner for a special occasion or Dominican-style spaghetti for casual Fridays, I was always mesmerized by her ability to make it look so effortless.

In high school, I nurtured my creativity through painting, photography and sculpting. But it wasn’t until I moved to New York City to pursue my graduate degree in Public Health that I began dabbling into the culinary world. Living in New York City you meet people from all over the world with many cultural influences. This is where my passion blossomed. As I began cooking for myself, I explored unfamiliar spices and ingredients. It’s been a tasty journey and now I’m ready to share my experiences with you via worldlylivingnow.

Through my cooking, I strive to combine my cultural influences with those that surround me. I also aim to incorporate options that promote healthy living. I hope you enjoy my recipes at Cristobal Weekly Cuisines!

You can also follow me on Instagram @cristobalcuisine.


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