Excited about life?


I am excited about life. Are you? Can you honestly say you are living your life to the best of YOUR potential? If not slowly get up from the couch, turn off the tv and start using your brain. -CV


Does a lack of gravity make you fat?

My favorite blog post of the day was Discoblog’s “Investigating the “Charlie Brown Effect”: Astronauts’ Chubby Faces and Hot-Sauce Cravings.” Original Post

This post instantly caught my eye because of the title. It was very catchy and it intrigued me. I had to find out what the post was about because we hardly hear much about astronauts cravings and I wanted to know the relation between astronauts and Charlie Brown, who happens to be a childhood favorite of mine.

I found the article interesting because the average person would not even think that without gravity bodily fluids would accumulate in our heads and give us a rounder looking face. This article provided me with quirky new information. The writing style was humorous and playful in the sense that the author wanted to get the information across, but also keep the reader engaged throughout it. Perhaps, living on earth is not such a bad idea after all. -CV